BOXY - Company

We 1st designed 15 different winding speeds in order to ensure all kinds of automatic watches could be wound.


*Reason: Many winders might offer from one to three or four winding speeds.  These with one winding speed simply won't wind a number of watches.

These with three or four speeds could take care of most timepieces, but still fall short on occasion. 
With winding speeds ranging from 650(Rolex and many popular models) to 3,600 turns-per-day (TPD), all automatic watches could be covered.


*Example: From experience, Breitling watch requests TPD setting at 650, however it's for the time piece that didn't run out the energy completely.  With some or completely stopped Breitling watches, consumer will need to try TPD setting at 3,600 for first 1-2 days, letting the watch regains the energy, then consumer can switch back to the normal TPD setting at 650. 
This is normally how watch store does.


In addition, we would like to emphasize that we have been selling our Watch Winders for approx. 10 years since 2001 and so far our current distributors worldwide have never received or heard any feedbacks or claims regarding our Watch Winders can't winding any types or brands of watches since our Watch Winders provide the widest winding range: TPD programs(15 options).


*Exception: We learned that there was a new type of automatic watch launched approx. 3 years ago, brand-SEIKO/Kinetic.  Kinetic Watch is not a normal automatic watch, it is a Quartz Watch, the power of it is not supplied by Mercury cell, there is an re-chargeable battery inside and this re-chargeable battery will be wound by linear acceleration movement of arm which means that existing winders in the market that use natural movement of the wearer's arm or the simulation is not complying in this case.


We later designed 3 different winding speeds that with less complicated TPD settings.

3 x TPD settings are available at: 672, 960 & 1,248. 


*Reason: The less complicated TPD option was made by the majority of choice & feedback from our exclusive sales agents worldwide after all these years been selling at their markets.