BOXY - Q & A
Q:Why BOXY Watch Winders?

BOXY Watch Winders feature wooden or plastic textured housings with High Gloss Finished (Piano like) or Mat Finished treatment on surface.  All winder units are attractive that feature a great viewing lid and soft, suede-like interior.

We are more attractive than most Watch Winders in the price range:
Substance: We concern a lot about the quality, all BOXY Watch Winders are made in Taiwan, using Japanese mechanism, motor is made by MABUCHI with first grade quality of belt driven system.

Design: We use our own designed Light Sensor as inside indicator, the motor is counted per turns and it always perform the rotation precisely and comes back to the original position.
For heavier watch's winding will probably increase the power consumption and because of heavier weight of watch that loaded, the slower speed turns, however it’s hard to notice and it won't inference our TPD because our winders are designed based on counts per turns, unlike some other winders are counted by time roughly.

Image that if a winder counts by time, in normal watch weight, it turns just fine, but once the watch weight is heavier, then the rotation becomes slower and it can not reach the TPD settings that promised.

Cushion Design: Our watch cushion has 2 ways of using methods and it could accommodates larger watches much better than many other winders.
With a watch face/diameter of 62mm, oversized watches could easily fit.
Easy access to the Power, Directional & Speed switches makes it extremely easy to operate when changing watches.
There is no need to access the back of the winder or remove panels.

Noise Level: Our watch winder runs fairly silent.  We use MABUCHI made motor with first grade quality of belt driven system.
Consumer should be aware that the noise level determines the quality of watch winder and in contrast, watch winder with plastic made housing makes a bit louder sound than wooden housing made watch winder, because naturally the wood has better sound absorbing and it provides better shelter for lowing the noise down. 
When winding various watches, functionality is equally important as quality:
All BOXY Watch Winders have independent control unit that allows different winding settings to fit different watch brand’s requirement.
All BOXY Watch Winders have 3 winding patterns:
*Automatic Bidirectional
What really sets BOXY Watch Winders apart is that one of our DC Series feature 15 different winding speeds.
Many Watch Winders might offer from one to three or four winding speeds. 
These with one winding speed simply won't wind a number of watches.
These with three or four speeds can take care of most timepieces, but still fall short on occasion.  
Q:What is Watch Winder?

Watch Winder is a mechanical device that keeps your automatic or self-winding watch operating smoothly. 

Certain types of watches do not need to be wound by turning a dial because they wind themselves when they are strapped to an arm that is swinging and twisting all day long.
Watch Winder is able to simulate the natural motion of human arm, causing the rotator to swing back and forth, for winding the mainspring of watch throughout the day for people who don't wear their watches everyday.
Despite how many fancy, collectible, beloved or merely sufficient automatic watches that you owned, you need to have watch winders that look after your timepiece accurate whenever you pull it away.
Watch Winder is also a good storage and display device for your beloved timepieces, it holds at a precise angle while being rotated and displayed.
Q:How large the wrist size that provided Watch Cushion could accommodates?

There are 2 ways of using our watch cushion for different wrist sizes, kindly see below photos:
By turning the Watch Cushion Clockwise or Counterclockwise.

Average wrist size is in between 16~20cm, our watch cushion could accommodates up to 21~22cm.  It should covers majority of needs.

Q:How many Brick Winder can be driven with provided AC/DC Adaptor?

The official answer is 12 units.
The peak DC current drives 1 x motor requests only 40mAh, our AC/DC Adaptor has maximum 1A~2A in DC power.
1A = 1,000 mAh. In theory, 2,000/40 = 50, means 50 units that 1 AC/DC Adaptor can drive in maximum, however in safety concern, we put "do not stacking more than 3 layers(1 layer for 4 units, 3 x 4 = 12 units in total) with 1 Full Housing unit, it might cause mechanical damage." on CAUTION of manual.

Q:Will Brick Winder System cause any electronic shocks during the operation?

No, that's why we need our AC/DC Adaptor. Our AC/DC Adaptor has maximum 2A in DC power.
The DC current provides tender electricity unlike AC current. 

We tested with our bare hands while operation.  It's like a dry battery, in the experiment, a dry battery can light up a bulb with positive & negative ends connected with wires and human can hold both ends without feeling a electronic current because our human body provides quite big electronic resistance and this DC current is so small and low, lower than our body can feel it.  Electric shock occurs with AC current, bigger than approx. 100V.
According to Ohm's Law, V = I x R
V stands for Volt, unit: V
I is Ampere, unit: I
R stands for Resistance, unit: Ω
When R = 1, V = I x 1 which means 1V =1A
When R = 2, V = I x 2 which means 2V = 2A
Therefore, 100V is equal to 100A 
Q:Will it cause dangers if consumer uses more than 1 Adaptor for Brick System?

Not at all.
We tested 12 x Brick Watch Winders with 3 x AC/DC Adaptors, it's still working properly.
All DC current will be in parallel connection.
Our AC/DC Adaptor has maximum DC current in 2A which means that it can supply 2A, each motor requests 40mAh to drive, it's the current consumption that motor needs.  Motors will only take what it required to drive that's all.

Q:How heavy of Watch that our BOXY Watch Winders could handle?

From our experience, the average weight of watch with leather made belt is approx. 100~120gms, the watch with rubber made belt is approx. 130~150gms, the watch with metal made belt is approx. 160~180gms.  In theory, the maximum weight that our motor + gear box can handle is approx. 448~560gms.